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To wimp is to show thy true self

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Sometimes people will get very dramatic on you. They'll serve you some hardball stuff, and you'll be tempted to try to defuse things, just so that you don't feel so out of control. In short, you'll want to be a wimp. Don't wimp. After all, we're trying to play a game where dramatic things happen, right? We don't want to defuse them, we want to revel in them.

Now that's not to say that you'll always have a thought for how you can return the favor, and make the situation even more dramatic (although if you can it's the best of all worlds). But at the very least, you should remember Thou Shalt Not Shine Above thy Fellow Players. If somebody hands you something spectacular the very least you can do is react in a way that reflects the effort they've taken to be dramatic. In short, if something that a character says freaks out you, the player, why not let it freak out your character as well? They also contribute who only sit and applaud. It's certainly better than detracting from the game by leeching the drama from a situation.

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