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The Bleed

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The Bleed, or Black Flow, is a form of flow that only Aktiri can access. It allows them to perform acts that are beyond the pale. Effortlessly, they can surpass the actions of most normal beings on the world. Unfortunately, the Black Flow tends to attract climactic events, and Aktiri are always at the center of the action. For this reason, they have been persecuted throughout Ankhana. Only with Ma'elKoth's ascension to the throne has this practice been lessened.

The Bleed and Fate Points

The Bleed allows the character not only more control over his abilities, but also, to a certain extent to control his fate. This is measured in two scores: The Bleed, and Fate Points.

The Bleed

All characters begin with The Bleed at 1. This allows the use of one Fate Point per round, and grants the character 1 Fate Point. It also allows the use of charms that require the character to have 1 Bleed.

The cost of The Bleed is listed on the chart below. Each level of The Bleed also grants a number of fate points, also listed in the chart.

Fate Points

Certain powerful charms cost fate points to activate. But for the most part, fate points are used to escape situations or make abilities more effective. The use of a fate point may be declared at any point- before making an attempt, after an attempt fails, when the character is darting into danger, or after being hit. Their effectiveness depends upon when used however- it is less expensive to use a fate point to assure success than it is to negate failure. And usually, the action is more successful also. For example, if Jalpo is attempting to jump from one roof to the other with the constabulary on his heels and is not quite able to make it, he can spend a fate point, and will end up hanging on by a thread (a likely target for a bowshot by his pursuers). However, if knowing that he needs to succeed, he had spent a fate point prior to his jump, he would have landed on the roof, and could have continued running, waving in mirth towards the astonished constabulary.

Fate points are received with increase in The Bleed automatically, but they can also be purchased at a 1 for 1 rate.


Fate points allow the user to control his fate, pulling off feats that would be considered at the very least heroic. The more Fate Points that are spent, the better the feat is performed. How many fate points can be spent is determined by the characters Bleed score.

Fate points are purchased at a rate of 1 character point for 1 Fate point.

The Bleed is purchased as shown by the chart below.

The Bleed Cost Fate Points Received
1 0 1
2 1 2
3 2 4
4 4 8
5 8 16
6 12 20
7 16 28
8 20 36
9 24 42
10 30 50

Recovering Fate Points

Fate points are recovered in three ways. First, they can be purchased during character advancement, at a 1 for 1 rate. Second, playing disadvantages accrues the character fate points. And last, a character receives his Bleed score in fate points at the beginning of every new scene in a scenario.

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