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The Flux of magick is not a monochromatic energy source. Variegates exist even as they do in a person's shell- these different 'colors of magick' are known to adepts as Spheres. Other users of magickal energy do not deal in the subtleties of the flow, but the adept taps into these differences to weave his changes in the pattern of reality.

Eight Spheres are used by adepts. There is a ninth, but standard adepts cannot use this meta-Sphere. Only the Blooded (or Aktiri as they are more commonly known) can tap into it. The ninth Sphere - Prime - is also referred to as the bleed or black flow. This meta-magick sphere concerns augmenting the power of the other spheres. It is for this reason that a truly adept Aktir can equal the Primals in magery. It is believed by some not to be a true ninth Sphere, but the combination of all of the Spheres into one energy conduit. Whatever the truth of its nature, Prime makes Aktiri adepts truly a force to be reckoned with.

The Spheres of Magick
Sphere Color Specialties Examples
Correspondence Green Conjuration, Scrying, Movement
Entropy Red Fate, Order, Chaos
Forces Orange Elements, Physics, Weather
Life White Biochemistry, Physiology, Ecology
Matter Blue Transmutation, Conjuration, Shaping
Mind Yellow Communication, Illusion, Self-Empowerment
Spirit Violet Planar Science, Spirituality, Demonology
Time Cyan Perception, Conjunctions, Control
Prime Black Channeling, Augmentations, Dispersement

Becoming an Adept

When creating an adept, one has to decide what effects one wishes to be able to create, and specialize in the spheres of magick that correspond to those effects. One could generalize, but your total scores in all spheres cannot exceed your Finesse+Power+Bleed.

Normal skill in manipulating the flow ranges from 1-20 in each sphere. The higher the adept's score in a particular sphere, the more skilled he is at creating effects in that sphere, and the more effective his creations are.

Skill in spheres is purchased at a rate of 1 character point per point in the sphere. Note that Aktiri receive a special bonus in this purchase. Whatever the Aktir's Bleed score is can be split among his known spheres as additional skill. This represents their more intimate relationship with the flow. It is suggested for further advancement that the additional points gained from Bleed be represented by a parenthesized value next to the skill, i.e. Time 10(+3).

Weaving the Flow

To weave the flow, the Adept must enter a state known as MindView. Primals are always in MindView and don't have to summon the state. Aktiri with Bleed scores above 6 also gain this advantage. In general, Aktiri can summon MindView as a reflexive action, and all other trained adepts can do so as a simple action.

Once in MindView, the adept must pull the power for the effect that he wishes. This takes one simple action per Sphere included in the effect. Note that normal Adepts can only weave two Spheres into any effect, Primals can weave three Spheres, and Aktiri can weave 1 Sphere + 1 Sphere for every 5 Bleed they possess, round up. So at 1-5 Bleed, the Aktiri can weave 2 Spheres, at 6-10 3 Spheres, etc. In regards to powering the effect, Aktiri and Primals gain an advantage here; Primals can choose a favored Sphere that costs no actions to power. This favored Sphere is usually an indication of the adept's character, and colors the adepts aura at all times. Aktiri get this benefit for Black flow only; they cannot choose their favored Sphere. This thread does not, however, attach itself to their aura, so cannot be detected. In addition, they can summon power for multiple spheres at the same time. For each 5 full points of Bleed, the Aktir can summon power for one additional Sphere at the same time. So at 1-4 Bleed, they can power one Sphere as a simple action, at 5-9 Bleed, they can power two Spheres as a simple action, etc.

Finally, the adept must weave the flow he has pulled to create the effect he wishes in the real world. In general, Adepts are pretty powerful, so as long as the character has the correct spheres, he will be able to create the effect. How long it takes, how powerful it is, how much it tires the adept- all of this is based on the character's skill with his Spheres, and his Finesse and Power. Most spells require a lot of concentration, as well as imagination and creativity, not to mention personal will. An example would be a Cloak spell. A Cloak doesn't actually make the adept invisible, instead it just prevents the minds of anyone who looks at him from registering his presence. In order to weave this spell, the adept needs to literally create a perfect image inside of his mind of what the room looks like, down to every last detail and grain of sand or misplaced mug or torn canvas or splintered plank, without him in it. If he doesn't make the image perfectly, his targets will have an easier time sussing out what happened. Always remember that the Adept has an idea of how successful he can be at doing things, as well as how they will affect him. He might miscalculate at times, but most times he will be within a reasonable range of figuring this out. For this reason, remember that the player can always ask the moderator what kind of effect this will have on him before casting the spell.

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