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An actor can buy one or more skill for 1pt per skill. The benefit this gives is that they will be exceptionally good at a particular skill or in a particular field. Taking a skill means that you have studied that skill to the highest level available, and that you are considered enough of an expert that if people find out about your ability, they may wish for your advice and assistance in that field. These skills should be reasonably coherent in scope, but should not be tightly limiting, i.e. though performance is listed as a skill, an area should be chosen, such as dance. However, in the field of dance, from practical application, to choreography, to history, the character will be a savant.

Suggestions for skills include:

Athletics Acrobatics Investigation Medicine Survival
Mechanic Acting Administration Gambling Business
Diplomacy Piloting Boating Driving Thievery
Scrounging Computers Engineering Demolitions Navigation
Interrogation Leadership Performance Bluff Seduction

Powers-related skills such as magic or a specific ability cannot be bought as skills in this way.

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