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In the years since man has taken to the stars, certain truths have been abolished through experience and experimentation, and other truths have come to take their place. One thing that is always true is that man will seek to extend his abilities beyond those of the frail body that he is imprisoned in. These areas of advancement- sciences if you will- allow man a certain amount of control over his environment.


In the area of the man/machine interface, science has always been fascinated with the ability to use technology to augment the human form. As time has progressed, the line between man and machine has become more blurred, as technological implants become a way of life and a tool like any other for man's advancement.

Cybernetic enhancements range the gamut, from simple interface plugs that allow a person to gain diagnostic information and control devices, to whole limbs and bodies, and everything in between. The level of Cybernetics a character has determines the level of invasiveness machine implants have taken in his body- the exact nature of the cybernetic implants is left as an exercise to the moderator and the player to hammer out within those parameters. Note that not only are cybernetics unuseable in Overworld, anyone with too high of a cyber-index (in excess of 3) will be unable to become an actor. [More >>?]

The Ebb

An organization known as the Siblings of the Shroud postulated that an energy ties all of the beings of the universe together, creating a powerful force that can be harnessed to perform incredible feats. Of course, their ideas were ridiculed- until they demonstrated the effect of this force. What they found out was that it was not the flow of the force that could be harnessed- but the ebbing of such forces- in essence an anti-force. It takes much concentration and effort to harness this ability, but once harnessed, supernatural feats are indeed possible. What this force was the antithesis of was unknown until the discovery of Overworld. The Ebb is the antithesis of the Flows, and as such, the Ebb does not exist on Overworld. Ebb users can access the Flows and vice-versa. But it is considered very dangerous to access both skills, as the long term effect on the human body is unknown. [More >>?]


In the opposite direction of the cybernetic wizards of the age, the Mensats have developed the human brain, using only herbs and drugs and mental exercises, to the point where they utilize a greater percentage of their mental capacity than was ever thought possible. Many enroll for the benefits given at lower levels- higher memory retention and higher data processing levels- but for those few who seek to master the discipline, almost supernatural abilities are possible, including the ability to outthink computer AI and forecast the future with startling levels of accuracy. Though Mensat disciplines work in Overworld, the development of such abilities forces the Mensat to schew any development of Magickal powers- for some reason the Magick of Overworld is incompatible. [More >>?]

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