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Allows you to shapeshift into unliving beings or items (such as a sword, water, diamond…). Specifics are somewhat messy: Turning yourself into stone is not smart, for example, since it has a significantly higher density than you do in your human form, so you’d end up smaller. You’d also have a lot of problems moving. If you shapeshift to a rigid or immovable form you’re still just as rigid. BTW, your face usually appears somewhere in the new form, but it doesn’t have to. Thus if you were willing to lose the mobility and size you could turn yourself into a rock, indistinguishable from any other rock by normal means. However you wouldn’t be able to see or hear…you’d be limited to your natural psychic sense and whatever senses rocks have…Be careful to the risks of loss of identity linked to the shapeshifting into a creature too far from the human (or Chaosian, or whatever…) form. You can’t shapeshift into fire or energy. For this, you must have the Energy Forms ability.

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