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A member of the professional caste, an employee of the Entertainment Guild that adventures on the alternate world of Ankhana. According to Kayle's Definitive Guide to Overworld "An actor is a unique combination of a classical performer, professional athlete, mercenary, and re-enactor, ready to risk life and limb in fantasy adventure on Ankhana."
An organic device fitted in the sub-arachnoid mater centrally to the cerebral cortex that broadcasts thoughts emotions, sensations, and experiences to a special receiver.
Epiphasal Transducer
An organic device that allows transmissions from a thoughtmitter to be broadcast across phase, or from one world to another. while doing so, the transducer also generates a microphase stabilization wave, enabling matter within a small radius to exist out of its normal phase for an extended period of time without epiphasal reversion.
The native name for a world that exists slightly out of phase with our own. It only touches our world on the planet known as Overworld.


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