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You can shapeshift into elemental or energy beings, and product energy (such as light, lightning, fireÖ.) directly from your body. All through Prince of Chaos Mandor and Dara use this, going around as pillars of flame, storms, and so on. The size of the forms you can assume is related to your mass. Now, while you could use this power to give yourself natural attacks, like lightning bolts from a storm, there are a lot of simpler ways to do this. For one thing learning to create such attacks would take a lot of practice in each form. For another, projecting energy is VERY tiring. Amber rank endurance would be prostrated after two or three such bolts (this counts as one hour of heavy exertion per bolt). Chaos rank endurance would last for maybe one. As an aside or two, you canít do this to only part of your body, unlike most forms of shapeshifting. Itís either all or nothing. You canít just turn your left arm into flame. Another thing is that your new form tends to be cohesive. Someone with a sword could damage you in an elemental form (for lack of a better term; the forms donít have to be elemental) by swinging it through you. The presence of a foreign object would disrupt your body and injure you, albeit probably not as much as if you were in human form. If someone managed to detach part of your body, youíd lose that portion of your body mass. And if, for example, you get extinguished while in a fire form youíre in real trouble. If your form is totally destroyed youíre dead. So sticking in a fire form around a water mage is probably a dumb thing to do. You can use this power to make yourself less vulnerable to certain dangers, but there are usually concurrent risks from the form itself.

Note that this also gives you the ability to produce magical energy from your body, which may be useful in conjunction with Sorcery Powers.

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