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A shapeshift-enhanced ability to just Keep Going, with a process similar to automatic shapeshift, but geared to fighting rather than self-preservation, primarily by overriding the normal ‘cut-offs’. Everything is seen as a matter of combat. This will kick in when shapeshifter is hurt and generally runs until everyone else has fallen down or run away. A wound has no effect unless it is enough to kill the Berserker at a stroke; other than this it will heal essentially instantly. Chopping off parts of the Berserker deprives the Berserker of that part until it grows a new one (which will not take very long); merely cutting deep into it won’t even reduce its co-ordination, as the Berserker is running on shapeshift, rather than its nervous system. However, chopping off parts does allow the Berserker to be ‘whittled away’. Endurance has some effect on when one stops, but if there are still things to hit, the Berserker will probably push themselves until they fall unconscious. Note that berserk combat style is not at all geared to self-preservation; the Berserker will generally fight in fully offensive mode at all times. Their ability to distinguish anything other than ‘target’ is limited, especially as they are under the control of their unconscious, not conscious, minds. Stuff is relevant here, but the character is generally out of the player’s hands while using this ability…

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